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How To Invest

You can watch our walkthrough video > CLICK HERE


First off, you have to create an account (Click Here To Register). If you already have an account, you can just proceed to log in (Click Here To Login). In case you forget your password, you can always reset your password (Click Here For Password Reset).


Before you can make an investment, you have to make a bitcoin deposit to your account. This deposit will be automatically added to your "Deposit Wallet".  (Click Here To Make A Deposit):

You can also check the history of past deposits. (Click Here To Check Deposit History).


After making a deposit into your account, you then have to select an investment plan. Right now, we have 3 plans (Click Here To Check Investment Plans): 

  1. Diamond Plan - You can invest within $20-$1000. You will get double of your investment in 24 hours.
  2. Gold Plan You can invest within $1000-$5000. You will get double of your investment within 12 hours.
  3. Platinum Plan - You can invest within $5000-$20000. You will get double of your investment every 6 hours.
Your interest will be added to your interest account as "Interest Wallet":
You can as well check as your interest grows, amount of time to next interest addition, and other investment details. (Click Here To Check Interest Log).


You can withdraw your interest at any time into your bitcoin wallet. Withdrawals are processed within 30 minutes. (Click Here To Withdraw).
You can also check the history of past withdrawals. (Click Here To Check Withdrawal History).


You can transfer your balance to another user on our platform. (Click Here To Transfer Your Balance). 

You can transfer from either "Deposit Wallet" or "Interest Wallet":

Deposit Wallet: Your balance from deposit made to your account.
Interest Wallet: Your balance from interest made from investments.


You can make more profits from referrals. There are different referral levels up to level 3. 

Level 1 referral - This is any user that directly registers with your referral link. You get 5% of their investments. (Click Here To Get Your Referral Link).
Level 2 referral - This is any user that registers with the referral link of your level 1 referral. You get 3% of their investments.
Level 3 referral - This is any user that registers with the referral link of your level 2 referral. You get 2% of their investments.

You can check how much your referrals have made you. (Click Here To Check Referral Commissions). 

Your referral commissions will be added to your "Interest Wallet".


In case you have any question or complaint. You can open a support ticket, our support team will get back to you within an hour. (Click Here To Open Support Ticket).

Alternatively, you can chat live with our customer care agent. The chat box is at the bottom-right corner of every page on our platform.


In order to avoid account compromisation or password brute-force, you can set up 2FA security on your account. With this, your account is 100% secure. (Click Here To Setup 2FA Authentication).


Firstly, only a trusted organization can have a physical office (39 White Lion Street, London, United Kingdom, N1 9PH) and a verified business registration Of Private Limited Company in the UK. You can click here to verify that or click here to download our company registration profile

Above that, we have gone beyond necessary to provide real-time proofs of recent transactions and payments to investors (including the blockchain URLs). You can check that on our website homepage (You might need to log out to access the homepage).

Nevertheless, we have also provided video testimonials of some previous investors, you can click here to check our reviews page for more information. 

All in all, this is a legit bitcoin doubler site and you will never regret any investment made.


If you have a question in mind, there's a chance that it has been asked before. You can check the FAQ section on our website homepage (You might need to log out to access the homepage).